Healthcare White paper MDS

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WP1Healthcare institutions want to cure or care for patient/clients quickly, comfortably and with a high quality level. That is the core competence of a hospital (Cure) or nursing and/or homecare facility (Care). The IT organization of a healthcare institution supports that mission, at the same time, healthcare institutions experience great pressure at the moment due to developments in economy, society and laws:

  • On-demand healthcare.
  • Cutbacks and cost savings.
  • The quality of care should increase and be guaranteed.
  • Interchangeability of data between healthcare institutions.
  • Increasing demand for care and lack of medical staff.
  • Being able to work irrespective of time and place as medical employee (mobile equipment).
  • Patient and client (or parents) participation in the treatment process.
  • Higher patient and client satisfaction.
  • Attractive work environment and less work pressure.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance.

These developments denote the importance of having information accessible in the right format, place and time in places where patients/clients and medical staff meet each other. It concerns both physical logistics, but also integration of data in an information structure system. Ricoh’s Smart Document Management aims at less use of paper in healthcare via digitalisation and guidance in this change process. It supports information processes as well as the physical treatment process of patients and clients. Digitalization of patient and client records and company data make treatments and care processes more efficient and safer. It also links medical processes to administration processes in a healthcare institution. This enables healthcare institutions to adhere to a business like approach. It saves operational costs, makes healthcare institutions more attractive on the job market and increases patient/client satisfaction. A few trends that support a paperless office in healthcare have been mentioned above. It is usually a compelling event, happening or development that forces organisations to rethink their document structure. The preconditions are different for every healthcare institution. The introduction of a paperless office strongly depends on the maturity level of an organization and the support from employees and the healthcare institution. They are the ones that will have to work and live with it. The solution is often a step-by-step introduction of the paperless office. In that way, an organization can take the first step to a paperless office whenever they want.

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