About Ricoh Europe

Ricoh’s Added Value To the Healthcare Sector

Why Ricoh
Ricoh counts with over thirty years of experience in document management; particulary, in input and output management.. During these thirty years, Ricoh has built a strong and trusted reputation in the healthcare sector, leading to partnerships with 90% of Dutch hospitals. As a worldwide market leader in sustainable IT solutions for document management, all the solutions in our portfolio provide unprecedented flexibility and scalability. Healthcare institutions of all sizes apply Ricoh solutions to work more efficiently, in a more sustainable and productive manner, while allowing them to manage and reduce their costs. Continuously searching for innovative, efficient and cost-reducing solutions for the healthcare sector is embedded in the DNA of Ricoh Healthcare. Ricoh works closely with healthcare institutions to improve efficiency and productivity, and create more time for patient care. This is how Ricoh is able to turn the needs and wishes of healthcare institutions into clever ideas and effective solutions. Ricoh’s expertise focusses on the following areas:

Streamlined processes
By means of digitisation and IT, Ricoh helps to streamline processes in the healthcare sector. This increases the productivity and efficiency of both administrators and healthcare professionals, allowing personnel to work more efficiently and share information securely. By making the right information available where patients and healthcare professionals come together, patients experience better and more personal care before, during and after their stay in healthcare institutions.

Access to information
Digitising patient records improves the access to information. By streamlining information workflows and improving mobility, Ricoh is able to ensure easy, efficient and safe exchange of information within a healthcare institution.

Reduced costs & increased efficiency
Streamlining information processes reduces costs and increases efficiency within a healthcare institution. It reduces the risk of entering information into the system and it improves overall healthcare capabilities, as healthcare professionals can spend more time on their patients.

Digitising patient records makes it possible to implement strict regulations for data security, for instance, with the implementation of secure printing. This Ricoh solution protects/allows you to protect patient and hospital data.

IT support
Ricoh offers the latest solutions in IT infrastructure optimisation. And this is not only limited to hardware and software. Ricoh offers end-to-end services, like help desk, work place and server management services, detailed audits of computers and peripherals, and professional machine monitoring and management.

Ricoh introduces mobile working solutions for the healthcare sector, which are also cost- reducing. Video conferencing is a good example of this. Ricoh offers advanced presentation materials, accompanying applications and tools for digital meetings via tablets and (mobile) video conferencing systems.

Ricoh is forerunner in the field of e-learning solutions. A variety of tools and applications make the learning environment for employees and students fun and interactive, which ensures that information takes root more easily and that theory can be brought into practice faster. E-learning can take place in individual or group context in a classroom, on location or at remote.

Patient workflow managemet (Patient and information logistics)
Managing patient information effectively start with clever patient registration. Together with Logis.P, Ricoh developed its so-called ‘Selfservice & Hospitality concept’ for hospitals that automates all aspects of the healthcare process (treatment, communication, information and service). This concept is rooted in the healthcare sector, providing access to a wealth of knowledge and in-depth understanding of healthcare issues. Thanks to the close, professional and successful collaboration, Ricoh and Logis.P have implemented the Selfservice & Hospitality solutions in more than thirty Dutch healthcare institutions. This ‘digital reception’ can also be connected to an existing visitor registration system for the reception of non-patient visitors, like suppliers, an entrance check system and parking facilities.

Innovations in primary care process
Ricoh has recently introduced the eRecord Mobile Solution to the European healthcare sector. With Ricoh’s eRecord Mobile Solution, nurses can make photos of patients’ injuries with a Ricoh bar code camera, to have them uploaded directly to the hospital’s information system or EPD via Wi-Fi. By scanning patient bar codes and adding these to the meta data of the images, the photos are automatically added to the corresponding patient records in the system. This does not only save time, but it also reduces the risk of human errors. Moreover, privacy and confidentiality is improved as the information is digital and is immediately sent to the system.

Ricoh offers in-depth expert knowledge and valuable, strategic partnerships in the healthcare sector. This makes us an involved partner for a large number of institutions within the healthcareindustry. With a keen eye for unique needs and wishes and the creativity to provide a perfect solution, we look forward to a committed long-term partnership with you.




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