Better care is all about understanding, feeling and empathizing

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Much has been written and said about healthcare. Everyone has his/her own opinion about it, which might not be so strange. At a certain point in your life, everyone will need some sort of care. And that is why I would like to write a blog about this subject. Healthcare is personal. Everyone experiences it in a different way, which is why it has different meanings for people as well. What strikes me most is that everyone agrees that good healthcare is important. Not only for yourself, but also for your family, friends and acquaintances. People (usually) experience care in different ways, so ‘good care’ is a different notion for everyone. It also depends on the situation you are in. Take a hospital, for example. You will find all kinds of patients there, alongside many doctors. One person has just delivered a baby, while another may have received bad news from a test. And do not forget the visitors these patients receive every day. These are all different as well. It is quite a difference whether you are visiting someone in a hospital because they have just become parents, or whether you are visiting your grandmother for the very last time. In short, people come to the hospital for different reasons.

Does understanding, feeling and empathizing in healthcare also apply to you?
There is a story behind every person in a hospital. They want to become better themselves, but are afraid, full of hope, nervous or maybe very happy due to a birth or positive test result. But what do patients generally have in common? I believe that everyone would like to be treated in the same manner, especially in such a meeting place at a crucial moment in your life (birth, disease or death). Almost everyone encounters problems at this stage. It could be something simple, like you cannot find your way around the hospital (what is it with all those signs?!), or you may not understand a word of what a doctor is telling you. It is all about information and how it is presented to you and processed.
Where is healthcare at without understanding, feeling and empathizing?
Eventually, this is the link with my work. Information processing is a part of my daily work as well. I realize that, due to my work with healthcare professionals, I can make a difference in the way a patient experiences a visit to the hospital. Because in the end, this is what healthcare is all about: learning how a patient thinks, feels and acts. Imagine what this person is going through. What is s/he looking for? How can you help him/her? Ricoh can help by providing systems and devices that reduce administrative tasks, leaving more time for better care. My question to you: what is your contribution?

Striking example of feeling, empathizing and understanding in healthcare!

Cleveland Clinck has placed a video online about the same subject I am writing now: understanding, empathizing and feeling what is best for the patient in a certain situation. Their motto? We define the best care together. And I could not agree more to that…

Tip: watch the video as well!


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